Scrivener Vs Scrivio and Speech mode

I purchased Scrivener for IOS last night without hesitation, even though Scrivio has been a great stop-gap while I waited for the real deal to be released.

I must say I am really impressed! Scrivener for IOS is really snappy compared to Scrivio which lags at opening and often hangs when typing. I am also impressed with moving things around which was clunky in Scrivio. Not to say that Scrivio is bad, it is to say that Scrivener for IOS is that good. I never bothered to do anything more than type in Scrivio because it was too cumbersome to do much else. I would end up doing all the grunt work in Scrivener for Windows. This leads me to another thing, syncing with Scrivio was impossible at times, I basically forgot about using the Dropbox feature and ended up emailing the file instead. This proved to be a pain, and thankfully Scrivener for IOS made it so simple and syncing to Dropbox is awesome. Now I can finally work on my laptop and Ipad back and forth with ease and little trouble with messing with manual file transfers.

Two things I miss from Scrivio and that is night and Speech mode. I can live without the night mode but the speech mode with Scrivio was amazing. It was not perfect but pretty darn close, hearing your words read back to you helped pick out mistakes. I am usually not impressed with these type of speech programs but it worked well in Scrivio.

any chance this can be implemented in Scrivener for IOS, that would be the icing on the cake!

Hi, and welcome.

Scrivener iOS already does speech. :slight_smile: Select some text, tap on it to get the edit menu, and then tap “Speak”. Screenshot attached.

Hi Silverdragon, and I can see you’ll like to be one to let people know about things, often handy…

This one, though, I think may be only for those affording the latest gear. I think more than a third of iPads out there are of the earlier kind, as big seller iPad 2, iPad mini, and so forth.

We who have them don’t have much high-speed memory, nor a todays-zippy processor, so Apple with-holds a number of features which won’t work well on them, they say, sophisticated as they have been for their moment, with graphics that run rings around my laptop.

What’s missing is Siri, for example, and apparently this voicing maneuver, as Scotty of Startrek might have called it. Not to be found, unless I missed something important about turning it on, always a possibility.

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The settings to turn speech on are in Accessibility, I have a iPad “One” and an iPhone 6s Plus, its in both.

Night Mode can kind of be turned on in Accessibility as well, by inverting colours, once its configured you can access that mode quickly by pressing home button quickly three times, to configure it, Its the option at the bottom of the screen, you have to scroll to it. it’s a workaround for all of us until Keith can figure out how to get Night Mode into the code for Scrivener.

See this post Clive viewtopic.php?f=53&t=35165


But in September we get iOS 10, hopefully Apple will bake Night Mode into the OS.


I tried to enable VoiceOver in the IPad settings and it was a bit of a disaster. Enabling it changes gestures and everything you tap needs to be selected once then tapped twice. Swiping and navigating was all messed up for me. I was locked out of my IPad before I figured out how to get back in and disable it.

The IOS version needs a native Text to Speech like Scivio, which does not require you change the settings in your IPad.

If you still want to utilize VoiceOver make sure you read carefully and understand how it affects the rest of your device. To be fair it does give you a warning but I was not expecting this.

Too bad as I was really excited to see the response. Hopefully the fold at Scrivener come up with an update that has speech built in.

Hi guys,

@JMarkyBB – yes, it was kind of tingling as I wrote that to think about Accessibility, and indeed a Voice Over item is there. Somehow I think this isn’t the easy thing Silverdragon has…? I had alrready discovered Invert Colors, and use it, complete with the triple button push I hope doesn’t lose me that button. A screen button would be welcome, but anyway the dark screen to read and write is great, just as I use on Kindle already. There are also light shows on various apps or whatever you’ve got for screen backing – mine is an oil painting, and the result is great :wink: But mainly, comfortable reading, also that thing about white light causing wakefulness doesn’t happen.

@Ginnseven: it was right there where you suggested – including all the caveats you mention and then some. I’ve had enough trouble with the iPad needing web links pushed twice, etc… - think that is better along with a lot of things in iOS 9.3.3; also everyone really wants that for a serious security fix to a bomb set to go off roughly now. So I suspect Silverdragon still has a better deal on this, for anyone who needs or prefers speech. Thanks for explaining what will happen if we jump in :wink:

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Hi, folks. I just checked, and it’s Strings>Accessibility >Speech >Speak Selection that I have turned on. Looks like it’s available as far back as the iPad 2 at least.

Ok, yes on an iPad 2 at least with latest iOS, and…it works…

Even gave a reasonable interpretation of enunciation for my Indian eye doctoress (opthamologist)).

Has that raspy arch American female voice tone - and finding this can be altered.

In fact, listening to ‘Tessa’, the South African voice, read through a complex medical discussion is both very clear and understandable and calming, pleasing.

Lighter, but much like the traditional BBC World Service, a treat. Due consideration to what Apple’s big computers are doing to provide this ability, and wondering also then just why it is we can’t have Siri.

Perhaps we all know the answer to that, and there is a great alternative voice recognizer: just install the ‘Google’ app. It works very surprisingly well with voice, and also is what I think is a wonderful alternative model for a web browser.

When you search or open links with it, which you do one at a time, no tabs, when you close them they become ‘cards’. These go in a literal rolodex, which is very handy when you want to compare answers afterwards from a search. Much better than tabs, indeed. Plus you can always use voice or typing, easily alternated.

Hmm, more than bargained for :wink: but this is something I like, and think of for bright, aged friends.


Ahh! Amazing Silverdragon, thanks so much for the clarification. I do not know where “Strings” came from, however, my settings are under “General.”

Either way, it works great!

Inverting the colours works as well. Although both settings are not in the app itself, it doesn’t take long to apply them. Well there you have it, I suppose Scrivener IOS is near the perfect companion to working on my next novel!

“Strings” came from my iPhone “correcting” however it was I misspelled “settings”. :blush:

That option is also available its under “Interaction” in “Accessibility” its called AssistiveTouch from there you can control your whole phone form the screen. You will never have to touch your “Home Button” “Volume Buttons” or “Power Off” again. You can configure it to do all sorts of things like Gestures, (Which I have not figured out yet, I’m still messing with that option) You can even set up “Triple Click” as a single tap. its very customisable.

See this YouTube link

Is there a way to turn speech on to listen to an entire scene [or chapter] on iPhone?