Scrivener w/Win10 on Surface Book

I’m trying to use Scrivener on the Microsoft Surface Book (w/Windows 10) and the Scrivener icons at the top of the page (for switching between corkboard, text, etc) are tiny compared to the rest of the page. By comparison, the other icons on my desktop and in other applications (like Chrome) are just fine.

When I open the Inspector, the “General Meta-Data” section is compressed so that the “Label” and “Status” fields are cut off. Basically, it looks like the font size for the field area is 4pt, whereas the labels of the fields (Label and Status) are a more normal 10pt or so. This happens in other dialog boxes as well.

I’ve attached a snapshot of what I’ve described above. Perhaps someone here who is using Win10 & Scrivener can help me? I’m hoping I just need to change a setting (either in Win10 or in Scrivener) to get the text fields to be the correct size so I can type in them?

I also sent an email to support about this during the holidays, but haven’t heard back. Sorry for the duplicate here.

See … i-displays

Thanks, SpringfieldMH. I’m not sure I want to mess with my windows registry to fix this. I might just continue using Scrivener on my older Win7 machine for now and wait for the upgrade. Thanks for the link, it sounds like it would fix my issues.

If you don’t want to mess with the registry yourself, download the attached file, rename it from .txt to .reg, and double-click it. It will make the registry entry for you (and only that entry).

It’s just a plain text file named PreferExternalManifest.reg, with the following contents:

[code]Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


That’s it. You could even copy and paste it into Notepad and save it with whatever filename you like (ending with .reg).
PreferExternalManifest.txt (314 Bytes)

Thanks, Devin. That’s very kind of you. I’m probably still not going to muck with my registry though. It’s a bit of a kludgy workaround imho and was the reason I thought I’d just wait for an upgrade. :slight_smile:

You could be waiting for quite a while.

Yes, I’ve moved to FadeIn on my Surface Book, since I’m working on a screenplay. It was nice to have Scrivener when I was doing my research though.

I have been using win 10 on my surface pro 3 yes everything is tiny compared to my other lap top. With that said you snapshot of the meta data window show an error. My has not been that small. Sorry I don’t have a fix. I didn’t have the problem. I do find that some of the items that they like to show off are mostly for mac.
I’m having a problem with compiling.