Scrivener wallpaper

This image of my desktop as started circulating on the Web since I published it, as a few people have asked where to download the wallpaper, I thought I might as well give a link.
The two folders are smart folders, they won’t appear on the wallpaper.

Edit: the size is suited for MacBook(Air/Pro unibody) 13", but should work on a 15" display.

I got a “go” from David to use Scrivener’s icon, so I guess there is no trouble :mrgreen:
Hope you’ll like it. Now, back to writing :wink:

Hi David,

As it uses our logo, I have to admit that I’d feel a little more comfortable if said “Scrivener” somewhere on the wallpaper if it is being distributed, even if only in small letters beneath the icon or in the corner. Just so that people know the icon is associated with something… I hasten to add that this is my fault as David did double-check this with me this morning but I hadn’t got back to him yet. I’m not insisting on you adding “Scrivener” or anything; I’m just saying it would make me feel better about it. :slight_smile:

Thanks and all the best,

Hi Keith,

The file has been updated. Let me know if it is ok.

I sure’ldn’t want to make you feel bad :open_mouth: :wink:

Hi David,

That’s great. :slight_smile: You can even fade out the “Scrivener” so it is just a very subtle background-ish grey if you want to. As I say, you didn’t have to do this; it’s just my capitalist side wanting the name out there. :slight_smile:

Thanks - have a great weekend.
All the best,

My bad: for me this logo is so… everywhere & everyday, it is so obvious what it stand for that I didn’t think about those poor users who doesn’t already know Scrivener :wink: