Scrivener: what a gem

I just tried to edit a short story in Word that (I thought) I’d sort of completed a while back. Just putting some extra edits etc.

I couldn’t do it. I had to move the whole thing into Scrivener and work on it there.

It didn’t take me that long to put in the various scenes etc and when I did, it made it not only easier to edit, but it plainly showed where I’d stuffed up continuity and that certain things didn’t make sense.

Thank goodness I discovered this wonderful program. I’d be lost without it now.

Congratulations, Keith. You’ve done a marvellous job.

Thank you. :slight_smile: I just had an e-mail from a writer who told me that Scrivener was useless to him because it didn’t have a page layout view and didn’t show invisible characters; I hope he checks out this forum as you guys frequently explain Scrivener’s purpose much better than I did in my reply. :slight_smile:

Well, I’m a happy little camper.

Maybe the slogan of Scrivener should be “Scrivener: It’s not a Word Processor”.

Still, it’s hard to get out of WP habits. For some reason, I used to be always checking word counts, paragraph settings, fonts, page layout and formatting. It was distracting. And I could never find that bit I was working on just before I closed the document. It was irritating and counter productive.

Now, I don’t even look at all that until I think I’ve got the story finished. I don’t even spill chuck. I just pound away and then do read throughs in Scrivener. Once I think it’s done, then I stick it in Word to do the frilly bits.

Amazing how many folks share that tendency…to try and “finish” as they “build”. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen folks get bogged down in formatting, when they should be focusing on content…or focusing on revising content instead of drafting content…(points at self).