Scrivener Will No Longer Open and I'm in Danger of Losing a lot of Work

Here’s my info. Scrivener is 3.0.2 My mac is 2015 and on 10.12.6. I don’t know what other information to provide. The program will no longer open at all. I double click it and get the rainbow ball of death.

Your copy of Scrivener is several years out of date. Please upgrade to the latest version, which is 3.3.1 and can be downloaded here: Download Scrivener | Literature & Latte

Does that resolve the problem?

And if that does not work, try launching Scrivener with the Shift key held down, which stops it from automatically loading whatever project you were working on last. It could be you recently imported something into it that the software can’t display, like a web page with some bad code in it. It’s not a serious problem if that happens, and can be easily fixed by removing the offending element—that’s something we can help you do.