Scrivener will not compile

I installed beta 1.75 played around a bit, then went back to Scrivener 1.6.10 to do some writing
Now I CANNOT compile at all
I routinely compile after a writing session so I can see my work in Word
Today, I tried to save over yesterday’s compile and it deleted it. This has happened two other times, but I was able to immediately compile
this time, NOTHING. I keep getting the same message
I then closed Scrivener, reopened to the same project
AGAIN, same problem

PS. I uninstalled 1.75 thinking (hoping) it would fix things. All it did was change my preferences to the defaults.
I then had to load in my saved preferences to fix
However it did NOT change the compile problem
starting to panic

Problem solved but have questions
I went into FORMATTING (which I had never gone into before) and added a check mark to the last box (see screengrab)

I’m not sure what any of those other levels mean. should I uncheck LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2+ ?

Given your screenshot, the type is probably more important than the level (that’s more advanced, you can make it do different things at different indent levels—things like Parts and Chapters being printed differently). It looks like the main thing you want to do is make sure “Text” is being output for the file type icon, and maybe titles too unless you type those into the editor yourself.

This is to do with going backward from the beta; the compile settings from the newer builds don’t transfer back perfectly and end up with some glitches like what you’re seeing–you won’t be familiar with it if you haven’t visited Formatting before, but there should be a middle row there that shows a document stack, but it’s been replaced here with Folder Level 2+. Reloading a saved 1.6.1 preset or any of the defaults (including Original) will fix it by updating it to those settings.

So I unchecked all boxes except Level 2+, and seem to be getting what I need for my purpose (at least for now) which is using the compiled .docx as yet another emergency backup in case the project gets corrupted I won’t lose any writing

would you point me to the chapter in the manual which explains what all those levels mean? I haven’t a clue, and may eventually need to understand it all once I complete the novel.

All of the individual compile panes are documented in the chapter 22. The Formatting pane starts on page 205.

Thanks! :slight_smile: