Scrivener will not open on Mac

I cannot open Scrivener. This happened before when I was low on memory but today I have 17 gb available out of 500 gb. My Scriv doc is very graphics heavy but even if a try to open a small text only file it will not open. I’ve rebooted multiple times and it does not help. Everything else is behaving OK on my macbook (2017) Monterey 12.5.1. Thanks for any ideas!

Is Scrivener working or just cannot open the project?

I suspect you have 17 of 500 gb of DISK space not memory. That is not very much, frankly. Macs need free space on disk to work properly.

I suggest you try to get to at least 100 gb free space by deleting unneeded files including clearing the trash bin. i am guessing that number but you need a bit more for sure.

Also it could it be the Scrivener project files are corrupted or other corruption. do you have backups of the project to go back to a good version?

What happens? Spinning pinwheel? Error message? Crash?

Also, what version of Scrivener do you have?

As @rms said, 17 GB of free disk out of 500 GB is not very much. Most people recommend 10% free space as a bare minimum.

I have always worked on a figure of 10% of the total disk space needs to be available for a UNIX like system (such as macOS) to work properly. This idea was probably in some, now long forgotten, sysadmin document that was in circulation. Only having 17Gb available would violate that folklorish 10% and would cause me to remove obsolete and out-dated files returning disk space back to use.

I try to adopt to the 10% rule on my DVR. It is not always achievable as others that live with me don’t understand the necessity.