Scrivener will not open project

Scrivener for windows current version. Will not open the project that I save on dropbox if I sync with my iPhone. Scrivener for Windows says, " The Project can not be opened, it was saved with a newer version of Scrivener. Is there some thing that I can do to make sure that the iphone doesn’t upgrade my project?

iOS Scrivener is not capable of updating your project.

Did you use the Windows Scrivener 3 beta at some point? If so, you’ll want to install the updated beta version, not the current release version. You can download the current beta from here:


I have not used version 3 beta on that project. I removed all of my other projects from dropbox. The only version of Scrivener other than IOS version is Scrivener for Windows 1. It is only after I open the project with iOS version does the Scrivener for Windows tell me that. Maybe the project file was corrupted. Now it is working fine.

What specific version of Windows Scrivener do you have?

Also, is the Dropbox software installed on the PC?

A troubleshooting guide for iOS synchronization can be found here: … os-syncing


The version of Windows Scrivener I have is Yes dropbox is also installed on windows.

Did you create this project on iOS Scrivener or Windows Scrivener?

I’m having the same issue, I created the project on Mac, but Windows doesn’t let me open it.