Scrivener will not open

For some reason my Scrivener will no longer open. When I click on it, the mouse looks like it’s loading something but Scrivener doesn’t actually open. Yet for some reason Task Manager says it’s active. I’ve tried to uninstall it to see if reinstalling will fix the problem but nothing happens either. Once again the Task Manager shows the uninstaller running but even after 3 hours, I see no progress. I’ve even tried using the Restore Point for the last program I installed but it doesn’t work. I download Scrivener a year ago so I can’t use that Restore Point. I would lose too many things. I also don’t want to refresh my laptop.
What do I do?

Most likely there’s some other software or an outdated driver on the machine that’s preventing Scrivener opening. Have you installed or updated anything recently on your computer? That’s what I’d look to first. Otherwise, check any security software you have running. We had an issue with Kaspersky not long ago which would prevent Scrivener launching, although once Scrivener was running Kaspersky could be re-enabled without causing any problems. You may want to try disabling all your startup items via msconfig, reboot, and see if Scrivener launches. If that works, start going through those items to determine which is conflicting with Scrivener. Then you may be able to prevent their interaction, e.g. by whitelisting Scrivener or excluding it from a list of programs monitored.