Scrivener Will Not Open

I’ve been trying for the last few hours to get Scrivener to open and it will not. There is the loading hourglass and then nothing. I went to uninstall it in attempt to see if a reinstall would fix the problem and I am unable to uninstall Scrivener.

It was working fine yesterday. I closed with a save and backup like I normally do. My computer has Windows 10. My anti-virus is ESET.

I have tried opening the Task Manager and under the “Back ground Processes” I find Scrivener listed. I select “End Process” (there is not minimize or maximize) then restart my computer. This does not work.

I also ran the “Troubleshoot Compatibility” and which yielded no change.

Note: I did check the forums for any other similar problems and I saw an old post with no answer or solution found or shared.

I can’t open Scrivener either. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled but still can’t open. When I look at task manager, I can see that it is running in the background, but I can’t open the app.

EDIT: I right clicked on the Scrivener app and selected Troubleshoot Comparability. I found out I could open with comparability to Windows 7. App works now.