Scrivener will not start up anymore

The past few days I’ve had problems with Scrivener not starting up, instead I get the spinning ball until I force quit Scrivener. Trying again resolved it a few times, but now I’m unable to start Scrivener at all. I did work in Scrivener today, closed the program, and now I cannot start it up anymore. Any hints on what I can try to resolve this? I’m running Mac OSX El Capitan on a Macbook Pro.

Delete it and re-install.
By the way, did you try the #1 test: re-starting your Mac?

Have you tried starting it while holding down the shift key? That will not open any projects that were open the last time you used it successfully. If it will start like that, that means the project you were last able to work on has a corrupt file in it … PDFs and images are often to blame, it seems.

If that is the case, I’d email support directly to ask for their help in identifying the culprit.