Scrivener will not stay open

I’m using an iPhone 6+, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. On ALL three devices, Scrivener will load, but will immediately minimize. I say “minimize” instead of “crash” because the app is still running in the background (evidenced by double-clicking the Home button). Each time I attempt to maximize, the screen loads for less than a second, then disappears again.

This problem occurred repeatedly before IOS 10 installation, so I attempted again after IOS 10 installation on both iPads, and the problem persists. I have deinstalled and reinstalled multiple times. Each time, Scrivener works fine for a session. Then the problem returns.

I’m syncing with Scrivener 2.8 on Macbook Pro via Dropbox, and everything syncs fine on the initial session after reinstallation. Very confused as to how this consistent problem persists across different devices and different IOS versions.


Weird. It’s working flawlessly for me on two iOS 10 devices (iPad air and 6s+). I’d try moving all your projects out of your sync folder then adding them back one at a time to try to isolate the problem