Scrivener Windows 1.9.5

Hello guys,

You rock!

Everything is scaled properly on my 4k monitor!

Thank you!

Best wishes

I downloaded the update, and now all my text is slightly blurry. I thought it was just me, but I asked my husband to look at it too and he says it’s blurry for him as well. Not illegible, but bad enough I get a little queasy/headachey looking at it. Some other fonts are a little easier to read, but I want to work in the font I intend to publish in (Times New Roman)

I’ve attached a screenshot. I have an HP Envy laptop 13" screen.

Looking at the attachment on here (smaller) it looks clear, but at full size it’s bothersome

For the blurry text, have a look at this thread: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=35050

I’ll go check that out. Thanks so much!

This solution does not work for me, since disabling the scaling restores the screen to pre-update layout (4k monitor). That is, for instance, I cannot not use the cards because they are too small.

For the moment I am happy with the update. I guess in future this will get fixed.

Best wishes.

Have you tried the Scaling on HiDPI Displays knowledgebase article? … i-displays