Scrivener Windows 1.9.6 Release Notes?

Hi all,

After doing “Check For Updates” in the Help menu, I downloaded and installed Scrivener Windows v. 1.9.6, but I cannot find release notes for this version on the L&L site. The latest release notes I see are for v. 1.9.5. Am I missing it on the site? Or, does anyone have a copy of the v. 1.9.6 release notes?


Is this what you’re looking for?

Excellent, Sanguinius.

Thank you. Exactly what I was looking for. Evidently, just not looking hard enough…

Oddly, that post was done on the 9th of August, several days after the upgrade was released–I went looking for the release notes prior to that and was stymied until I saw it appear yesterday.

I think it was confusing because it appears in the global announcements forum on the main page, rather than being a dedicated windows release post. I actually wouldn’t have known to mention it except I noticed that there was a new Announcements thread a couple days ago and I clicked it out of curiosity. It would be nice to have it stickied in the Windows Technical Support forum, though.