Scrivener & Windows 10

Anyone tried to use Scrivener with Windows 10 (just released) or any of it’s betas? I’m getting ready to upgrade my Windows machine (I do most of my writing on my Mac), and would like to know if Scrivener works on it. If it’s not been tested, I can report back after I upgrade with what I notice.

Hello Sparrowhawk,

I’ve been testing Scrivener on Windows 10 since the earliest betas, and have been using it heavily on the RTM build of Windows 10 over the last few days. There are no issues with Windows 10. Scrivener runs on it exactly as it did on previous Windows versions like Windows 7 and 8.

With today’s public release of Windows 10, we have updated our product page and system requirements to reflect Windows 10 compatibility.

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Ron, do you use any Google services, or any Apple services, or any cloud services whatsoever?

I’ve been using it for a while through several Insider Preview builds and the release build. No problems noticed.


Thanks Jeff!

That’s really not on topic here, but if you googled that article yourself, Google saved your IP and that search, and that you clicked on the link and if you interacted with the site at all and if you stayed on the site for any significant length of time =D. They also likely know, and tagged, your age and gender. (I’m a web developer and use google analytics so that my company can easily see how customers are interacting with our site - I can see ages of visitors, gender, nationality, and industry).

Of course it doesn’t make it right, but it does mean that someone else collecting the information won’t have much of a practical impact. If it’s available in one well-known place, anyone with enough determination can get it if they really want it. If EITHER Google, Microsoft, Apple or any other big name company has our info, than it can be just as easily exploited as if all of them have it.


I just installed Win 10 and I’ve noticed that now Scrivener flickers — a lot. I can still use it with no problems (knock on wood!) its just the flickering is quite distracting. Like a strobe. It’s not consistent either, but quite random. I can be using it, with no problems for about 15 or 20 min, and then flicker-flicker.

Anyone else with this problem, or am I just special that way? :smiley:

ps: I have restarted my computer a couple of times thinking it would help, but nope, still flickers.

Maybe your graphics card driver needs to be updated? That definitely doesn’t sound normal.

I used to run a FidoNet to UUCP gateway. I remember.

I also remember how much I paid monthly for the privilege of access to a lot less data.

That and given the last 5-10 years of behavior, I trust Microsoft more with my data than Google, Facebook, and others whose business model is predicated on advertising revenue as their main income source. At least Microsoft still sells software and services. They’re not perfect, but they’ve cleaned up a lot, enough that chicken little scenarios are just so much helium. … t-settings

Quite a few comments on this article. Could add to your debate

Normally I would agree with you, but my computer is only a couple of weeks old -just got it for my bday 8)

And, as I said previous, it’s completely random. After I made my initial post, I used Scrivener for another hour and it didn’t do it again. It’s odd. Maybe it knows I’ve tattled on it and now it will behave!

Perhaps there was a driver update that needed to finish.

Many of the complaints arise because the complainant misunderstands the nature of the feature in question.

For example, the complaint about Windows Update pulling updates not only from Microsoft, but from other Windows 10 computers on the network, thus using up extra bandwidth and causing extra data charges. Well, sure – if you change the default per-network setting about metered connections (and Windows 10 is pretty good at figuring whether a given network connection is running over a metered connection or not, from my testing).

Or the complaint about sharing Wi-Fi passwords. Well, again, by default, the box is checked to permit sharing in general and you opt-in to add social media friends to that feature. However, you also must explicitly permit sharing each network connection. It doesn’t broadcast a single network connection by default.

In other cases, much of it is the same ignorant crap that gets recycled in some version or other every Windows release. Some people are just going to paint Microsoft as villains no matter what they do. I have no desire to give oxygen to their whinging.

So pardon me if I’m less than impressed by the all the Chicken Little rhetoric. When and if there are concrete mis-steps and mistakes, I can and do give my feedback – and the Microsoft of the last 5-10 years has proven itself FAR more responsive, on the whole, to this kind of feedback, than any other large tech company I’ve worked with in my IT career.

I started using Windows 10 a couple of days ago. Now every time I hit the shortcut I get an error message that I’m not allowed to open it. I have hit the “Run as Admin” option every time, otherwise I can’t get in except as a new user.

I had what might (or might not…) be a similar problem.

Basically, my folders suddenly had their permissions screwed up so that I no longer owned the files.

The solution was to right click on the Documents folder, go to the security tab and see what the permissions were. In my case, for some reason, the folder and contents were now read-only. In the end, I had to go to the advanced tab and explicitly add my log-in to the list of owners, then make sure that all the boxes were ticked in the permissions dialogue. I had to do this a couple of times (and repeat it for Pictures and other folders) but eventually it stuck.

Apologies for the lack of precision in the answer – I’m on the Mac at the moment so can’t walk through the steps exactly – but once you go to the security tab, it’s reasonably obvious. This link should give you the basic idea.

To answer the OP, I am using Scrivener along with Dragon Naturally speaking on Windows 10 and it works like a dream. I even open my Scapple story and timeline notes on a 2nd desktop, and with a CNTRL+ Command + arrow, I pop back and forth whenever I need to refer to some notes.

Additionally, I’d like to add that devinganger has been spot on with his posts.

I never understood why people didn’t like 8.1, but that’s past history now. But each subsequent OS release from MS fixes so many things under the hood like performance and memory management that it’s always worth upgrading. Though you can always wait.

Here are some other things you may want to consider…

I use a physical clone on my OS to test new releases that can be swapped out using a removable drawer. So it’s a simple powerdown and switch drives, and I’m back to familiar territory if everything comes crashing down. I can reimage with a system image as well.

You can always run an “sfc /scannow” from an admin prompt to see if any of your systems files are messed up. But I’m sure a lot of the problems here will sorted out with patches.

And to Melissa… if it’s a driver issue you can turn off driver only updates in
Control Panel>System>Advanced system settings>Hardware Tab> Device installation Settings, then select “No, let me choose…” and select “Never install…” and leave the box at the bottom checked.

Then go to Nvidia or AMD, or whoever makes your card, and get the current drivers. If you have a built in graphics card I’d ignore the above advice.

I’ve upgraded seven systems in my house to 10 including one old Toshiba Satellite that originally shipped with Vista and everything is running great.

And if you’re worried about privacy, don’t use Cortana or Edge, grab another browser and surf in private browsing mode.

And use a Local account. Never sign in with a MS account.

Just some tips. But yes, Scrivener and Scapple work great in 10. Thanks L&L.