Scrivener & Windows 10

I did this with the exe file and it lets me in now except I get a window that asks if I want to let the app make changes. I’m trying a few things in User Control now to get rid of that, but it sure beats what I had before. Thanks for the tip.

Just wanted to update this thread with some of the current analysis of the “Windows 10 is spying on me!” concerns.

Umbrella, I found an earlier post of yours (I believe) in which you say that Dragon Naturally Speaking v.13 has certain features that don’t work in Scrivener. Here, you say it works like a dream in Windows 10. I’m considering purchasing DNS and would really appreciate your advice on this.

I have Win 10 and the latest version of Scrivener. Would it be better for me to buy DNS 12.5, or DNS 13?

Thanks so much!

Cindy Skillman


Yes, it reads like that, but I was specifically answering the OP about Windows 10 and Scrivener. But as far as DNS 13, I have experienced no problems using it daily and just finished my second novel using it and Scrivener.

So about DNS… it does work in Scrivener but for dictation only. Scrivener is now considered a non standard window by the program but I believe that only started in DNS 13. I could be wrong. It may have started after 11. I’m sorry I can’t remember since I haven’t used 12.5 in a long time.

What that means is that this doesn’t allow commands such as “correct that” or “select that” to work inside Scrivener (like it would in Word where corrected vocabulary gets added to your profile as you go.) So dicatation is about it.

I used DNS (Pro) 12.5 and everything worked great as well. It was a bit slower about putting sentences into the window, but only slightly more so that 13.

Honestly, after I got 13 I thought it a mediocre upgrade. And now they’re pushing DNS 14 Indivdual (or some nonsense like that.) Nuance won’t be getting another penny out of me until they add back in support for non-standard programs.

Bottom line, if you get a good microphone and set it up properly, DNS will make you far more productive as a writer no matter which version you use. Especially, if you’re a bad typist like me. And you should have a decent computer. That helps with speed. In DNS 13, the sentences pop on almost as soon as I’m done speaking.

(Note: You have to turn off “use dictation window in non-standard window” In Dragon’s options to be able to dictate directly into it.)

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Umbrella

I didn’t understand ALL of that, but I’m sure it will come clear when I get DNS and start working with it. I appreciate your help!

Blessings, Cindy

Sure, sorry for being so wordy.

Essentially, you lose the “Full Text Control” that DNS normally offers, but dictating works. I just can’t remember what version they dropped support for programs like Scrivener.

Check out the Knowbrainer forums, they have a lot of knowledgeable people over there and a subforum for DNS.

Thanks! I will. :slight_smile:

Here’s where you talk about DNS 12.5, Umbrella: [url]]

I’m thinking maybe I ought to get 13 anyway, though. One person on the Amazon questions did say that 12 would work with Windows 10–which sounds good, but I’m not sure that will be my experience. How inconvenient is it to not have the extra functionality? I have a touchscreen, and I’m wondering how important this will actually be for me. Do you find it to be a serious problem?

Thanks so much!

Oh yes . . . I finally found “knowbrainer.” :blush: I was looking for “nobrainer.” Duh! I asked the question there, too, but for the most part they don’t seem to understand this as well as you appear to.

Oh, yes, I remember those posts.

It’s not inconvenient for me, if I need specialized words in the book or script I just add them in with the Vocabulary editor. (I use the pro version, but I think you can do this in DNS premium as well… not sure.)

The rest is, well really just 99% dictating and that’s what DNS is good at in Scrivener. But you can’t use full screen mode. It capitalizes every first word each time you stop speaking.

And—this is important—you can’t have Scrivener completely maximized either or you get the same behavior. Make sure it’s slightly less, and you can see the window border.

So how all this affects you on a touchscreen. I don’t know. Never used one. It doesn’t seem like it should make any difference.


Yes, about the touch screen, I was just thinking it would be fairly easy for me to do corrections and all. I’m guessing the “scratch that” and etc. won’t work . . . I do use a lot of specialized words–some Spanish words, some made-up names for towns–a few ethnic names. Is that the sort of thing you’re talking about?

“Scratch That” will work but only for your last dictated line. So that part works.

To add vocabulary (at least in pro) you right click on the microphone icon in the task tray and open the Vocabulary editor. Then just add words the way you want them written and then train them.

You can even have it print out something for instance like “el gato” whenever you say the word “kitty.” In other words you can have it print something by using your own code words. I’ve been using it for years and have figured out all sorts of shortcuts.

BTW, DNS 13 has this new intrusive dictating bar at the top. You can change that to only be an icon in the tasktray under the options in DNS.

Whatever, don’t get frustrated. It takes some getting used to. If you stick with it, you’ll learn it strengths and make it really work for you.