Scrivener & Windows 7 Jumplists

Will Scrivener be supporting Windows 7 jumplists at some point? It would be great to be able to pin scrivener to the task bar and then right click on it to open a desired project. For those of us who work on more than one project at a time, it would be a nice bonus.

If you never turn off Win 7 you can leave Scrivener running (one instance per project) without any problems. I do this constantly on my netbook as hibernating does not count as turning off windows. I have had two instances of Scrivener running since that last beta was released…

Many of the projects I use I only edit periodically so having multiple Scriveners running wouldn’t really help in this. It’s fine if this won’t make it in the first version, I just wanted to get the thought out there because it is a nice feature.

Not to say taskbar pinning isn’t a good feature idea, but the Recent Projects menu in both the New Project window and File menu do kind of serve as a hot list for projects you’ve opened in the past.

The recent lists work well enough that this isn’t a critical feature, I would just like a quick one click option (well two with the right-click I suppose!) to go strait to where I want to be without first having to open scrivener. I was mostly curious if this was in the eventual works to be added.

I agree with danwdoo. The reply saying that you can leave Scrivener running is kind of misguided. Many people are using jumplists for a variety of reasons. Scrivener could implement recent projects and the entire NEW PROJECT menu in the jumplist easily.


Sure the current system works. I’m not saying that it doesn’t work. But jumplists really work better in some cases. Assume that Scrivener is not running. Instead of starting scrivener and THEN going to the relevant menus and selecting the relevant options, you could do the same thing with two clicks.

I think the idea is worth exploring.