Scrivener Windows beta crashing on opening

Hi guys.

Wouldn’t have mentioned this one except that a friend and I are word warring and she had the same thing happen to her.

I just opened Scrivener for the first time today on my desktop (Vista) and the start up pages came up but Scrivener stopped responding and I had to force quit to get out of it. It appears fine on the second startup. My friend is running Windows 7 and had to force quit out of a hung Scrivener as well.

It’s minor but I thought it might be worth mentioning.



Hi Di,

Thanks for the report. To clarify, was this the first time you launched Scrivener since installing the program, or just the first time you opened the program today? Are your options (in the General tab of Tools>Options) set to automatically load your most recent project when Scrivener starts? (Normally that shouldn’t also bring up the New Project panel, but it’s worth checking.) Also, which version of Scrivener are you using?–there are a few hanging around now, because of some beta overlap and the NaNoWriMo Trial. If you go to Help>About Scrivener, there will be a version number at the bottom of the window that opens. Finally, were you running any other programs when you started Scrivener and got the hang?

Hi Jennifer,

Not the first time I’ve loaded since installing, just the first time yesterday.
Options are set to open most recent project - I don’t get a new project panel on start.
I’m using the main current beta, not the Nano one, - 0.0.35
I was also running an irc client and probably had a browser window open as well. My friend was chatting via the browser so wasn’t using an irc client.


Have just realised my beta is not the most current so this may be the issue. I’ll download the newest one now.