Scrivener (Windows) Feature Request: Global italic format replace

I’ve upgraded to Scriv3 and love it, and am excited to discover that it makes a clean ebook file that can be set up completely inside Scriv, even with chapter and triple-jump graphics. Although my newer manuscripts were created in Scriv2, I had to compile them out to some other ebook software, but this is a step I can now eliminate. So, right now, I am pulling in my older manuscripts that were originally created in the garbage-riddled MSWord, and Scriv3 is saving me a TON of time.

I do have a feature request, though. I’m glad to see the option for replacing fomatting (specifically italics) in imported manuscripts, but even though it has a selection for the whole document, that’s just the chapter I’m in, not the whole project (split into chapters), unless I missed something. Is there a way to globally replace italics with the emphasis (or any other) style?

Since there is always a problem with losing formatting–namely the italics, which are really time-consuming to replace manually-- I am hoping that we can have a global replace feature for the italics.
I haven’t been able to find any information on this feature, if it exists.

As an Indie author and publisher, I do the work of 10 people, and since I’m dealing with my catalog of 61 books, this would cut my workload WAY down.
Appreciate any feedback, information, etc.