Scrivener Windows on a Surface Pro 4

This is the highest res device I’ve ever owned, with a whopping 2736 x 1824.

Is the resolution the reason why Scrivener looks like this on it? And messes up screenwriting mode?


Or does the weird kerning have nothing to do with resolution?

This was from a fresh install of Scrivener. I didn’t play around with any settings and just went into screenwriting mode.

Thanks in advance. I’d really like to get Scrivener working on this new toy.

Yes, the script mode display problems are caused by Scrivener’s not having HiDPI support. You can workaround the current limitation to allow Windows to scale Scrivener for your display settings following the steps here, which will also fix the script mode display.

Thanks. Should have checked the KB first.

I’l wade in and do it later.


I wrote a diagram in 2014 in Scapple which I am now about to publish as part of a lengthy academic article which will be cited in court shortly. However the publisher is refusing to accept the PDF because of the coloured background. I run the risk of not having the article published at all if I cannot get this diagram modified this weekend. However, on my SP4 Scapple has completely piled up all of the text boxes and demolished all of the layout and it will take me a full day to redraw it. I don’t have a full day and it is extremely complex, and moreover I cannot get Scapple to open up a big enough workspace for all the boxes. Word does not provide a sufficiently large workspace either for all of the boxes. I asked for urgent help yesterday from Latte and they did not reply. I asked again today and just got an automatic reply with the link to the so-called workaround for HiDPI. I was able to edit the registry (very fearfully – I’m working abroad in Italy and so have no access to IT support) but then was unable to paste in the manifest file for Scrivener into the Scirvener app folder (the doesn’t seem to be one for Scapple) because of a purported administrator limitation even though I have administrator privileges and was able to edit the registry! Now I see a posting on this forum saying that the Windows 10 anniversary update seems to be preventing this workaround anyway! – which L&L should have known anyway before sending me the link by the automatic reply. I have wasted an enormous amount of time, which I do not have due to other pressing deadlines, trying to fix this problem and as I can get no help from the software manufacturer I am hoping that someone online can please help me before I lose the opportunity of publishing several months of work. I am attaching the PDF in case anyone can sort out how to change the background colours – the publisher will only accept greyscale – as well as the document in Scapple.
very many thanks for any advice!
Hoyano fitness to plead diagram final with copyright notice PDF.pdf (91.3 KB)
Hoyano Fitness to Plead flow diagram edited for Crim LR.scap (24.2 KB)


I’m not a member of Literature and Latte, but if I’ve understood you correctly, all you want is for someone to open the scapple file, convert it to greyscale and then convert it to pdf. Is that right?

Are these ok? I’ve use different borders widths and greyscale percentages to reflect your different colour borders and backgrounds.

HoyanoFitnessToPleadFlowDiagramEditedForCrimLR.pdf (49.3 KB)HoyanoFitnessToPleadFlowDiagramEditedForCrimLR.scap (25 KB)

And your original PDF (I don’t have Scapple) exported to…


Black & White