Scrivener Windows on Samsung Series 7 Slate


This may qualify as a feature request for Windows tablets. I don’t want to ask too much of the developers–I’m sure this has been a major effort already to migrate to Windows.

I’ve been trying to use Scrivener on the Samsung series 7 Slate, which uses the full version of windows 7 professional. Scrivener doesn’t seem to like it. Whether via touch or a stylus, the program is erratic.

I imagine few of us use this technology in combination with Windows. Combining the extraordinary handwriting recognition technology (sorry, & as a Mac user, too–no contest) with Scrivener would be fantastic for someone who like to use the old handwriting metaphor. That works in Scrivener, but pointing to places that I want to edit or add to is hit and miss.

Problems happen when trying to position the cursor–it’s worst the pen goes to the first line, the top of a “document.” I wind up with a blinking cursor in the title. Also, moving between text & other “panes” in other programs seems fine, but not in my favorite program, Scrivener.

I’m using the latest version of Scrivener Windows with 4gb memory and an i5 processor.


…and, I see from my post ( composed it on tablet) that deletions over-reach–probably a combination of not paying speedy enough attention to speedy highlighting when navigating the text.