Scrivener wins a 2010 MacWorld Editors' Choice Award

Just thought you might like to know–

Congrats to Keith and the crew…well deserved!

Thanks! Someone just e-mailed me about this, and it’s made my day, nay my week and probably my month.

Many thanks to Macworld for awarding us another Eddy (we won one in 2007 for Scrivener 1.0, too, so we’re especially grateful)! I wonder if they still give out physical awards - the statuette they sent me in 2007 still takes pride of place on my mantelpiece. :slight_smile:

All the best,

Congrats! The award is well deserved.

Absolutely. Many congratulations!

Also just a note, I see it’s beautifully displayed on the website, but the fine text below the award graphic still says Scrivener 1.5. Although I see they mistakenly put that on their site, too, in that location you link to. Hmm. Bah on them.

You should say you won it for both! Because it’s just that awesome.

Actually we haven’t updated the site yet - we’ll get the updated graphic soon and update it in the next few days, and you can be sure we’ll be boasting about winning twice because we are stoked.

And I just heard they are actually sending out another trophy - fantastic! The trophies they send out are like full-on Oscars. When they shipped the last one to me in the UK, I couldn’t believe it, because it must have cost them loads - it weighs a tonne. It looks like this: … _award.jpg

(Except that mine has tinsel around it at the moment, of course.)

So, thanks again Macworld!

Oooh, wow. Trophies! That’s fantastic.

Oh. ::blink:: The graphic on the Scrivener page says Mac World Awards 2010…

Anyway. Yay!

Oh that’s another one entirely. That was a nomination for the 2010 UK MacWorld for best education product of the year, and that was earlier this year, before 2.0 came out so it was for 1.5. I don’t think that is in any way related to the Eddy award.

Ohhhhhhhhhh. ::smacks forehead:: Thank you, I am an idiot.

Dear UK MacWorld, I’m sorry I bah’d at you. Your site is very nice.