scrivener with dual monitor setup

Hi … I’m a mid-lvl user and I’ve searched the forums but can’t find an definitive answer. Essentially I’m trying to take full advantage of my dual monitor / screen setup. I want to have two windows of the same project open simultaneously so that I can view / reference one file while writing in another within the same project. Alternatively, popping out a dual pane view might also work. Any suggestions?

Hmmm. Never thought of this as a possibility. Are you suggesting a split-pane view (vertical) - one text, one reference - but with each ‘half’ on a different screen (one, presumably the bigger screen, would also take the Binder)?

There is nothing along the lines of opening a whole new project window, but have you given QuickReference panels a try? Try hitting spacebar on something in the Binder to pop the file out into a separate window, you may find populating the second screen with commonly used documents and reference materials is good enough to provide what you were looking for with a second project window. The main drawback is you don’t get floating group views, so all of your corkboard/outliner style work still needs to be done in the main project interface.

There are actually a number of ways to work with QuickReference, the spacebar is one example. If you are unfamiliar with the feature, you’ll find it documented in §21.2, starting on pg. 303 of the user manual PDF.