Scrivener with Google IME, cursor goes missing


I had been evaluating Scrivener 1.7.2 for Windows where I tend to use Google Input Tools to write Bengali. After writing couple of words, the cursor goes missing. And, this never comes back.

And, then when I switch back to English, it stays the same. It works without Google Input Tools when I restart Scrivener.

Is that a bug?

Thank you.

Unfortunately this is a bug with the Qt framework Scrivener uses. We’re hoping it will be addressed in a future update. Have you tried using Microsoft’s IME?

Thank you for the response. I prefer using Google IME, because it predicts better. Should I put it in bug list? I wish it gets resolve quickly.

I plan to buy this once it supports google IME. You have a wonderful product!

Thank you.

There’s no need to put it on our bug list; we’re aware of the issue, but it’s rooted in the Qt framework Scrivener is built on, and not something we are able to fix at present. That framework will be updated in the next major version of Scrivener, and I’m hopeful that the issue will have been resolved by the Qt developers. If not, we’ll see if a workaround is possible with the newer features.

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