Scrivener with Keyboard Maestro

I normally use a set of Keyboard Maestro macros — mostly “hot key” macros which “insert keys” by “pasting” — in order to type Portuguese diacritics with a combination of simultaneous keys, like accented vowels (instead of, say, option-I-E to produce /ê/, I just press option-control-E etc.). These macros work fine with all text apps I use, except Scrivener. In Scrivener the macros take a long time to execute, so if I type a macro it will only appear on screen a few seconds after I have typed it, and all following characters I type do not appear on screen until the macro has been executed. In short, the program “stalls” for a few seconds. This considerably slows down my typing, defeating the purpose of the macros. Any idea about why the different behaviour of KM with Scrivener? Thank you.

I think I solved the problem: put the prefs back to the defaults.