Scrivener with MMD3 to LaTeX Output to PDF

I’m having some issues with exporting LaTeX from Scrivener and creating a PDF.

My final PDF isn’t formatted correctly. For example, my Chapter 2 heading begins halfway down the page (it’s normally at the top with the memoir class). Plus, the two paragraphs at the beginning of Chapter 2 (Architecture of the Commodore 64) are gapped much more. The LaTeX code doesn’t show anything out of the ordinary that I can tell.

I can’t figure out if it’s something I’m doing wrong in Scrivener or with MMD. Since it’s exporting to LaTeX (I’m using TeXShop for Mac) I’m assuming there’s nothing “wrong” with LaTeX – i.e., it’s getting what I’m sending it.

Anyway, here’s my LaTeX output. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

(By the way, when I remove this:


It changes nothing. I thought maybe it was causing problems).


\def\mytitle{Commodore 64 Programming and Recollections}
\def\myauthor{Kevin P. Kilburn}


\def\mytitle{Commodore 64 Programming and Recollections}
\def\myauthor{Kevin P. Kilburn}


\begin{center}**** COMMODORE 64 BASIC V2 ****\end{center}

\begin{center}64K RAM SYSTEM 38911 BASIC BYTES FREE\end{center}


You can solve the first problem by keeping both C64 output lines in the same environment. So rather than calling two separate adjacent centers, use something like:

\being{center}Line One\\ Line Two\end{center}

Speaking of \ usage, you’ve got a stray one (I think) in the first paragraph right below those two output lines that is cutting a line-feed in a place where it looks like it shouldn’t.

As for the second problem: that’s temporary. It is LaTeX doing the best it can to manage the appearance of this section, which includes a lot of empty sub-sections. Try pasting in some filler text (four or five paragraphs) into one of the sub-sections, or the chapter text itself, to see what I mean.

Thanks for the reply. Seems to be working properly now.

Regarding the \… How do I force that from Scrivener (with MMD3)? I’ve been passing LaTeX from Scrivener by enclosing it in but it seems there is probably a better way I just haven’t figured out yet. I have Scrivener set up to insert blank lines between sections, etc.

Putting two spaces on the end of a line should do it. That inserts a
into the HTML, which is analogous to \ in LaTeX. So where “_” is a blank space:


Should output as:

Three Four