Scrivener with PC and Mac and ergonomics

Hi there,
I’m just wondering if anyone can give me any advice about this scenario I’m dealing with regards to Scrivener.
I use a Mac at home and have been trying out Scrivener and it’s fantastic. I am a PhD student and it helps a huge amount. Once my trial is over I will definitely hope to purchase this software.
I work in an office at university 4 days a week and the remaining 1 day I spend working at home. The office computer is a PC but I have a Mac as mentioned. Institutions don’t allow us to download or install any software to the PCs. I have seen various threads about the lack of likelihood that there will be any online version we can use.
However, here’s the thing. I have multiple disabilities and have to use ergonomic equipment including mice, keyboards, specialist software. If I am using the university PC that’s great but it doesn’t have Scrivener. I could have it on my Mac but then I wouldn’t have my home ergonomics with me if I was on campus. I really cannot work without the ergo stuff - it makes my spasm and contort instantly. Short of working at home in solitude all week (which isn’t feasible at least most of the time) I don’t know how to get around this.
Sorry this is long winded but if you have any thoughts please let me know!

If operating an iPad is a possibility, are you aware that Literature and Latte also has an iOS version of Scrivener (separate license): … res?os=iOS

It’s a wonderful accompaniment to the desktop version. Because of the nature of iOS and because of desktop Scrivener’s rich feature-set and design, iOS Scrivener doesn’t have every desktop version feature but what it does have of it is well done and they do share the same overall design sense. By that I mean it’s immediately apparent that the developer of both apps applies a recognizable, consistent logic to his work.You can easily coordinate your projects between desktop and mobile device––sync and/or transfer.