Scrivener with Windows Speech Recognition and ProWritingAid FYI

I like to use speech recognition when composing my writing, and, as a Windows 10 user, use WSL with both Scrivener and ProWritingAid Everywhere. WSL is glitchy with all tools that I use, but I find it useful nevertheless.

I find little when searching on the web about using WSL with either Scrivener or PWA, much less both. So, I’m putting this out there to share what I’ve found with kindred souls, who can perhaps add their own tips and work-rounds,.

I find a the desktop version of PWA to be unstable with WSL when editing Scrivener projects. However, the three cooperate reasonably when running under the Scrivener application .

One of the ways PWA adds value is in automatically correcting goofy capitalization that WSR comes up with. It can also detect and provide drop-down corrections for the extraneous spaces that WSL sticks in before periods when you’re too slow to say the word “period” in your dictation.

A caveat about WSL. It gets squirly easily–fails to initialize, says it’s thinking, or doesn’t process text even though it says it’s listening. In such cases, hit Win-H to toggle it off and then back on again. Failing that, go into Task Manager and kill Microsoft Text Input Manager, which immediately restarts itself and, with any luck, WSR recombobulates.

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