Scrivener with Write or Die [ADDRESSED]

This may be identical to the rich bug. I apologize in advance if it is. I have been using “Write or Die” - after my time is up - I cut paste INTO Scrivener where it seems to copy in as a Tahoma regular 8 (default?) fount. When I attempt to mark the selected text and change it to the (Tahoma regular) 10 font - the marked section unmarks when the pull down menu is down. When I make the change on the menu - the font never changes and it will revert back to the 8 immediately.

I read some of the other posts talking about rich formatting problems but I couldn’t find this one in particular so I really hope I am not echoing.

Thank you for all your work though I am enjoying the program immensely!

This is connected to the multiple import format bugs that have been logged already. But if you are looking for a work around I suggest copying the text into Notepad first (eliminating ALL font formatting) and then copy it from the Notepad into Scrivener. Then you can format and it should work okay.

Another work around I have found just generally playing with it. You can save. Close the program. When you reopen it you can format as well. Note - generally I paste in my work close and take a break and come back to it later.

The easiest way to move lots of text into Scrivener and minimize the font hassles is to use the “Paste and Match Style” option.

Simply copy or cut whatever text you want and then in Scrivener, right-click and select “Paste and Match Style”, instead of just “Paste”, or CTRL+V.

This one move will strip your text of whatever formatting it currently has and apply whatever formatting you’ve previously selected as your default for Scrivener new text pages.

It works kind of like the “Paste Special” option in Word.