Scrivener won't back up my project

hi. a little while ago, i attempted to change where my project backups saved to - i followed this guide How to Back Up Your Scrivener Projects | Literature and Latte but either i did something wrong, or something went wrong, and now whenever i close scrivener i get an error message: “Could not create file: Could not create file at: C:Users/Esmé/Documents/scrivenerbackups/” (Talisman is the name of the project) and then a box appears reading “creating backup” but it will say 50% indefinitely. eventually i press “abort”. when i reopen my project, all is as i left it - that is, no work is lost. but if i want a backup outside of the original project folder, i have to do so manually (using the “back up to…” button, or copy-pasting stuff into a separate program entirely if i don’t trust the “back up to…”)

can anyone tell me how to change it back to how it was before?


The backup location is set in the options (ctrl + , )

This SHOULD NOT point to your current project folder.
It has to be a completely unrelated location.

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There is a second optional per-project setting, in the project settings this time. (Perhaps your issue arises from there…)

Project / Project Settings...


yes, that’s what i used to start with. i think i might have spotted the error i made though, so thanks for prompting me to open the options again.

For future reference, for anyone who might face the same issue, would you be so kind as to post what exactly it was. (?)

I’m guessing the lack of a slash after the drive letter.


bit embarrassing - i had moved the folder and then totally forgot i’d done so, meaning the path was wrong, and it took looking at it again with fresh eyes after leaving it for ages procrastinating to actually notice

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