Scrivener won't close (cannot read error msg)

I run scrivener across multiple machines which all use the same .scriv file stored in dropbox. I have it set to backup on quit and quit it every night when I go home in case I want to work on it more there. Last night I tried doing so, and it creates a backup as expected, but then it didn’t close. I hit cmd+q again, and I noticed an error message pop up for a fraction of a second before disappearing. It had the yellow error triangle with the scrivener logo in front of it, but it’s way too fast for me to see what the error is.

Does Scrivener output a log somewhere for me to read the error message and figure out why it isn’t closing? I’ve saved probably ten times now so my backups would all be of this one copy, so I’d love to ensure that it’s all okay behind the scenes.


You can check in ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Logs/ for a console log of the error. If you’re using the Mac App Store version that path will be different (~/Library/Containers/com.literatureandlatte.scrivener2/Data/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Logs/), so it’s easiest to use Scrivener > Reveal Support Folder in Finder to open it, for either version. You can also open Scrivener’s preferences and tick “Show internal error alerts” in the General tab to see if that gives you more info.

There is a bug in 2.4.1, fixed in the latest beta, which can cause the project not to close if you have deleted all content of a project note. The solution is to just re-open the note and add some text. The bug might be specific to Snow Leopard, but it’s worth checking.

This pops up a lot in the log:
2013-06-27 11:34:31.175 Scrivener[86628:40b] -[SCRTextView endPreviewPanelControl:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x185ec90

Although I have no idea what it means.

On the bug in 2.4.1 with project notes, do you mean footnotes and comments? I don’t have any notes besides footnotes, some inline.

That looks like a memory retention bug, as -endPreviewPanelControl: is a function that is getting sent to the wrong object (which usually mean the intended object has been released from memory). Did you have a Quick Look panel open in Scrivener? The function sent pertains to Quick Look panels. It looks as though it is sending a message to one of the main application objects after that object has been released from memory during quit. I have amended the code so that no such messages should get sent after the object is released from memory for the next update, so fingers crossed that should fix it.

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The bug I was talking about (which isn’t what you’re seeing) was related to project notes, accessible via Project > Project Notes or from the inspector by clicking in the Document Notes header to switch to Project Notes. Not the same as footnotes and comments; Project Notes is a rich-text area for jotting thoughts like Document Notes, but you can view the notes from anywhere (unlike Doc Notes, which are specific to a given document) and you can have multiple titled “notepads”.

Okay, but this error message isn’t relating to that? Do you know what it does relate to? I still can’t close it and am worried about losing data if I force close or something, and even then if I do, I’m worried I may not be able to close in future.

Right, this error message isn’t the Project Notes bug I was talking about; I just wanted to answer the query about what project notes are. I don’t know anything about this particular issue other than what Keith answered above. Since you said you have a backup, you could verify that the backup is sound before force quitting; as long as the data saved, it should be fine. If the backup didn’t save properly, you can make a copy of the project package directly and check that or copy and paste the text of the project that didn’t make it into the backup.

As I said, I think it is related to having a Quick Look panel open. Did you check that?

Pretty sure I didn’t have any quick look panel open, as they’re usually foregrounded aren’t they? In any case I force quit, and all seems so be okay now.