Scrivener Won't Launch on PowerPC G5 OSX 10.4.11

The title says it all. I’ve downloaded 2.0, the Free Trial, and installed it into the Applications folder.

When I click the Scrivener icon, I see the S logo flash, then… nothing.

Mac PowerPC G5, running OSX 10.4.11. I’ve heard tell that this WILL run in Tiger, and that Universal Binary means it works on Intel AND PowerPC based Macs.

I’m not sure if the earlier version will work.


I’d like to buy it once NaNo is over, but I don’t know whether I’m getting the Mac version (to use now) or the Windows version (if it and other new software will no longer work on my current Mac, I can only afford a Windows machine).

Like you say, it should be working. Could you provide some console or crash data? Let me know if you don’t know how to get that.

Update: I’ve been in Mac diagnosis mode all weekend (massive undertaking, file organization, trashing, burning to DVD in preparation for the upcoming OS Archive & Install, etc). After performing a brilliant Installer hack on the QuickTime 7.5.5 Installer package and reinstalling QT (so I could downgrade from problematic 7.6), the Scrivener trial now works beautifully.

So it was a QuickTime issue. Scrivener needs QT to function; when Software Updater automatically upgraded QT to 7.6 last year, it wreaked havoc with my Mac so I trashed the app. Then, because QuickTime is embedded pretty thoroughly into the OS, I was unable to install the previous version that functioned without issues AND I was unable to simply reinstall QT from the original OS installation CDs.

Until this weekend, that is, and a LOT of research online to find the hack that removes the line of code in the QT installer that looks to see if a newer version is installed and thus prevents backwards downgrading. Two quick changes, and voila—back to good old solid QT 7.5.5. And a fully-functioning Scrivener trial. :smiley:

Now to order my full version, and figure out why MS Office 2004 for Mac refuses to launch, install, remove, or update. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ew, yeah. QuickTime problems can be nasty in a number of ways, zonking out Scrivener included. Glad you got that sorted out. Thanks for posting the update; hopefully it will help someone else out if they get the same issue.