Scrivener won't launch

Got the trial version for Camp NaNo, using Windows 7.
I click on the program, and the little swirly bit comes up for the cursor for a moment, but absolutely nothing happens. Nothing in the task manager, even. Run as administrator doesn’t work either, and the program can’t be launched from its folder or from the start menu - won’t even launch from a project or what have you.

I was able to get it to run once after a restart (and was able to open other projects/start new ones) but after it was closed, it couldn’t be opened again.

Just as an aside, I’m wondering if the bit of lag is normal within the program. I have 8G of RAM but things like duplicating documents/dragging things around/changing settings in the options etc. all seem to take moment long enough that I’m not always sure when it’s actually doing it.
Obviously none of that matters if I can’t get it to open though :stuck_out_tongue:

ETA: Reinstalling does not solve the issue

Did Scrivener basically always do this from the first time you installed it or did it work properly for a while and then begin doing this? If it worked properly for a while (several work sessions) and then began doing this, can you think of anything that happened around the same time as this started happening? Other software, plug-ins, etc. installed or updated. Other problems or strangenesses? Slowness in general or other apps?

When you reinstalled, did you download and install a fresh copy? If not, worth trying that, in case the original download was corrupted.

Do you have antivirus software installed? Is it current? Firewall?

You might take a look at the following thread…

Post back here so folks can see how things are going.

Hope that is of some assistance…

I downloaded it earlier today in fact (and have re-downloaded it once since the first time).

It has never opened for me except when I can get it to launch immediately after a reboot, and if I close it in that same session it will not open again. Nothing has changed in terms of software configuration/plugins, however I have noticed the process is now listed in the Task Manager.

It works fine in safemode and with all non-Microsoft services disabled (and all of these are very basic, I don’t have much on this computer). I guess I’ll have to root around my drivers for awhile, but this is pretty troublesome.

Tempting to blame Scrivener, but given the absence of reports of this specific situation, and that it runs in safe mode with all non-Microsoft processes disabled, not likely…

Sounds like one-by-one process-of-elimination time…

Probably best done via use of the msconfig utility, which I gather you may already be familiar with. If not, a Google search on “msconfig windows 7” will turn up several discussions of its use.

Brute force approach would be to unattach any external/unusual peripherals and uninstall other apps.

Hope that helps. Good luck. Post back here to let folks know how it goes.

I have been in msconfig - that’s how I disabled Microsoft services to begin with. However I have exceptionally few services that fall under that label and I sort of need them around. All that’s there are my graphical drivers (NVIDIA), Apple services for iDevices, and the drivers for my graphics tablet. I do not even keep the Adobe updater running.

Over Easter weekend, I updated my graphics drivers, and Scrivener launched normally (about 4 launches). However, it’s back to not opening - and all of my drivers are up to date. Absolutely nothing else has changed.

My only peripherals are input peripherals. I’m not sure what you mean by uninstalling apps, but if I’m supposed to start uninstalling programs one by one to find the culprit, Scrivener’s gonna be the first to go :stuck_out_tongue: