Scrivener won't load all the way everytime.

I downloaded and installed Scrivener .23. Everything seemed to be OK. It loads and the Scrivener is unregistered, reset trial screen comes up. As soon as I select “Try”, or “Reset Trial” the choice of opening a template or project comes up. After I select the name and continue, Scrivener disappears. It shows up on the taskbar and in Windows Task Manager, but I can not access it.
I uninstalled and re-installed it and had the same results twice, then it came up. I closed it 2 times to make sure it was working and then the same thing happened. I tried opening and closing it 4 times and it came up again.
Any clues


This is an odd one. Are you using the same project every time for your test, and is it a newly created one or one you brought over from Mac or made in an earlier Windows beta? My initial reaction is to think maybe Windows is placing the project window off screen as though it were on a second monitor, but that should only happen if the project had previously been open in a dual monitor set up and closed while the window was open on the second screen. I did see someone else report something similar to this, though, so there may be something else involved.

When you get this next–that Scrivener is in the task bar but the window isn’t visible on screen–try clicking on the program in the task bar to get it into focus, then right-click on it, choose “Move”, and then tap the arrow keys on your keyboard. That should pop the window back onto the screen. (If you’re on Windows 7, click on the icon in the task bar, then hold down the Windows key and tap the right arrow key to bring it back.)