Scrivener won't open after Nvidia driver update

Hello. I’m having a strange bug. Following the update of my Nvidia video card’s drivers, Scrivener will no longer open. I’m on Windows 10 desktop.

It’s hard to believe updating a video card’s drivers would have this effect, but this is the only thing that has changed on my computer. I was using Scrivener just fine a several hours ago. I then took a break, updated my video card drivers and just now went to load Scrivener and nothing happens. There is no error message for me to reference either.

I’ve tried my desktop shortcuts and the Scrivener exe directly but the result is the same.

What should I do?

Problem solved. For some reason it took restarting the computer twice to get Scrivener to open (although now with an odd delay that was never there before). But it does appear to be working,