Scrivener won't open after OS X update

I had an updating blitz a few days ago. I attempted to install the latest version of Scrivener from the ‘updates’ tab in the App Store; then I updated OS X to Yosemite. Now I can’t open Scrivener.

Under ‘applications’ it says I have version 2.6, last modified on March 13th. However, it seems the installation didn’t succeed. Under ‘purchases’ in the App Store, it tells me ‘an error has occurred’ and doesn’t elaborate.

I’d appreciate any help or suggestions, including ‘obvious’ ones. My guess is that I need to repeat the installation, but I don’t know how to do this, as the Scrivener update is no longer listed under ‘updates available’.

Many thanks.

I’d delete Scrivener. Reboot and then download Scrivener again from the App Store. It should reappear under Purchases (should be there now).

I’ve had similar problems with various apps with both the Mac App Store and the iOS app store, including iTunes upgrading itself with the same upgrade 6 times, other apps stalling and saying ‘an error occurred’, etc.

I think it’s down to connection problems with the two App Stores, which have been flaky for me in the last couple of months. Most of mine cleared themselves when I made a Genius Appointment at my local Apple shop to complain about it, the others solved themselves a day or two later.

I know that doesn’t help much, except to assure you that you’re not alone!


Mr X

When things get screwy with the App store, sometimes simply restarting my Mac is enough to sort them out.

And if that doesn’t work, you might try downloading the version from this website; If I recall correctly, once you’ve run the App Store version of Scrivener on a computer, the direct-download version will work.

Problem solved - thanks for all replies. I deleted Scrivener and, as Briar Kit suggested, was then able to freshly install from the App Store.

Good to hear your news. :slight_smile: