Scrivener wont open file or backup (crashes)

Hi brains trust!
I took a break from writing in November but am ready and rearing to get back into it! tonight I go to open my file aaaaaand crash, I have updated my mac to macOS BIG SUR recently and it has been a little while since I used the program but other than that I cannot seem to find out what has happened, I also unzipped the backup which is also crashing. If I open Scrivener without trying to open my manuscript, it opens fine.
any ideas on what I can do or where i can start looking? and also what may have caused this so i can prevent it happening again? helo!
would it be helpful if i paste the crash log? I don’t speak code fluently so it is no help to me…

Have you updated to the latest Big Sur compatible version of Scrivener?



in the process of downloading now! found the update after posting , so excited that this could be why!

Updating scrinever solved it, how obvious! thank you!, :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’m having what appears to be the same issue with Scrivener this morning.

Now, I opened a project on my iMac at home, yesterday, no problem. I was asked if I wanted to update Scrivener, which I did and all seemed well. I’m running the latest version of OSX on that computer as well.

Today, however, I’m at work and on my laptop. I tried to open the same (and then a different) project on this device (also up-to-date in terms of OSX) and Scrivener begins to open, then immediately shuts down again. No error message, no indication that it’s crashed. Nothing. It just opens, very briefly, then sort of disappears again.

Assuming that the issue is that I need to update Scrivener (though that wasn’t an issue yesterday on my iMac)–well, obviously, since I cannot open it, I cannot update the software on my laptop.

Not sure what to do. Can someone please help.

Thanks so much.


You can download and install from the L&L website… … s?os=macOS

Hope this works.


Indeed, that worked.

How odd that my iMac and my iBook should have behaved so differently, but what do I know?

Thanks so much for the help!



Good luck.