Scrivener won't open first - third time

Sorry if this problem is well known, but I don’t know how to search for it. Every time I try to open Scrivener the New Project window opens and then the program freezes. If I’m quick with the mouse to click on open recent document I will get a drop down menu before it freezes, but I can’t open the document in time. It says not responding and I have to end the task in task manager. If I then try again the same thing happens. I have to restart my computer and try to open Scrivener at least twice before it will not freeze and actually let me open the document. Could this be a problem with my windows? This has only happened since the latest update to fix Paddle issues.

Others will have more useful suggestions, but have you tried clicking on a project file to open it in Scrivener? This would be the .scrivx file (NOT the .scriv folder). Does Scriv freeze when you open it that way?

Thanks. Yeah that seems to work.
I think the issue might be scrivener waiting for my storage hard drive to wake up. When I go there and open the file directly it works straight away, no stalling or problem.

This is the very problem that sent me to the forum today. I’m using version .16 for Windows, and I’ve used Scrivener for about eight years with only one or two little bumps.

I open the program, click on “open recent” and it freezes, sometimes. This is new behavior, no version has ever done that before. It’s not a “hard drive” thing because my system is all SSD.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. The program does notify Windows that it crashed, because I get the Windows notice that it has “stopped responding.” It’s a minor glitch.


I have the same problem.

I have been using Scrivener for around 18 months and it has never frozen on me until a few days back (with version .16).

Now it has done it twice.

I’m having the same problem. Was there ever a permanent fix?

This is an old thread. What version of Scrivener are you using?

I can’t replicate this with either the Version: - 14 Nov 2019 or Version: Beta (909024) 64-bit - 28 Apr 2020.

Both running side-by-side on Windows 10 Pro fully updated.

It’s an old post, yes, but everyone having the issue is running .16, including myself.