Scrivener won't open in macOS 11.1 beta

I can’t even get Scrivener to open in macOS 11.1 beta. I’d already deleted my Beta Program profile, but for some reason Apple still gave me this update. I’m trying to revert to 11.0.1, but this is really messing up my day.

Scrivener won’t even open in macOS 11.1 beta. Are there ary Scrivener betas available that will work?

Working for me on 11.1 beta.

Could try uninstalling Scrivener, rebooting the Mac, and then doing a clean install of Scrivener 3.2 from:

Thank you. This worked. Is 3.2 a beta? I definitely wasn’t on 3.2 before. The latest version it would give me was 3.1.5 or something.

Problem solved by uninstalling Scrivener, rebooting and installing Scrivener 3.2.

This is not a beta version, but if you tried downloading over the past two days, you may have received 3.1.5 instead. We had to pull 3.2 for a while as there were a couple of bad bugs to fix in it.