Scrivener won't open (keeps crashing before opening)

This began to happen yesterday and now it won’t open at all. I installed MacOS Big Sur last night; not sure if this is the culprit. But the fact that I can’t open Scrivener files with any other word processing software is a problem. I now have no access to my writing.

Any advice on how to deal with this?

I have the crash report (in text file) if anyone wants to look at it.

I sent a help ticket to the Scrivener help dept but perhaps someone on here can get back to me quicker.

Thank you.


You need to update Scrivener for Big Sur compatibility. … s?os=macOS



Thank you.

I had checked for the software update in my Systems Preferences and it didn’t show up. Can’t these updates be automated?

System Preferences never show any application updates (with the exception of Safari to my knowledge).

If you purchased Scrivener in the MAS then the MAS app should show you all available updates. If you purchased Scrivener directly from Literatur & Latte Scrivener should prompt you when starting. Which won’t work if it does not start at all of course.

In the latter case just download the latest version and install it

In general you should always update your software, most of all the software crucial for you, before you do a major OS update. And checking out if it runs at all on the new OS is also strongly recommended.