Scrivener won't open to "New Project" or most recent project.

I’ve seen this question asked once before here: … hp?t=49604

I currently have Scrivener 3 Version 3.03 on the Mac High Sierra 10.13.3

I have the same problem as the user I linked above: When I click on Scrivener, the Menu bar appears, but the option to create a new project does not (I have to go into the Menu and do that). Scrivener also used to open my most recent project but no longer does. The only thing I see is the Menu bar up top, and I have to go to “Recent” and pick my project from there. A minor problem, but it’s more tedious and I miss my project being opened automatically.

I tried the troubleshooting suggested in the above topic, first changing my backup location and then uninstalling and reinistalling Scrivener. Neither fixed the problem.

If anybody could figure out the solution, I’d be very grateful.

Thanks for your time.

Are those items toggled on in Scrivener > Preferences > General > Startup?

Slàinte mhòr.

FYI, your backup location is where Scrivener makes backup copies of your project, and so has nothing to do with automatically opening the “live” project you’re working on.