scrivener won't open

Hi there, i installed scrivener some time ago but recently tried to log in and open some of my projects but they wont open, they just get stuck “not responding” and then crash. i’m worried i’ve lost all my files. Should i uninstall and reinstall? is there an update?

Can you open a new document? A blank document? Where are you storing your files?

Assuming you have a decent backup procedure, it is VERY unlikely you lost your files.

Whichever way I try to open it, it’s crashes completely before opening. I tried rejnstalling latest version also. Does this now not work on windows 7?

For me, both versions (1.9.7 & Beta) work perfectly under Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Did you happen to change something else on your system? & What antivirus do you use? Hope it’s not McAfee :wink:

I have this exact same problem. When I click start Scrivener, I get message “Not Responding.”
I’m using Win 7 Pro. Nothing has changed in my setup. I’ve downloaded and tried the latest Windows version, and tried reloading my original 1.7.1. Both give “Not Responding.” Frustrating.