Scrivener won't select all the open documents

I have about 10 documents from my project open in the editor. I want to select all of them to copy into a LO Writer document. But Scrivener won’t select them. Ctrl-A only selects one document, it seems. Even if I try manually selecting (cursor at point a-hold down shift key-click at point b) Scrivener selects some random part rather than that whole area.

Is this a but or am i missing something?

Not a bug. It is currently a limitation under the Windows version.

I’d simply compile my documents as-is to RTF, and open that resulting file in LO.

You’re in scriveninngs mode. It will only select one document at a time, not all.

Export selected documents to a text file oor whatever format LO Writer expects.

Thanks to both answers. Good to know.

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You can’t select all and copy on Windows, but you should be able to right-click in the editor and choose “Copy All Documents” to get the text of everything in the Scrivenings session. You won’t see anything selected or flash, but the contents will be on your clipboard to paste elsewhere.


Nice! Didn’t know about this one.
Thanks MM. :slight_smile: