Scrivener won't start

I have Scrivener installed on my laptop (Windows 7 64 bit, SP1, Dell Latitude). I’ve been using Scrivener successfully on this for at least a year, and I’ve been using Scrivener in general for at least five years. I’ve written three novels and several other long form works that I’ve published both as print books and as ebooks (epub and mobi).

Scrivener won’t start up anymore. I can open it, and I get the dialog box but there’s nothing in it, and Windows says Scrivener is not responding. If I attempt to open a .scriv file directly, I get a different, blank window and Windows says Scrivener is not responding.

I’ve deleted Scrivener and reinstalled it using my Scrivener license to activate it, but I can never get the startup dialog box or the Scrivener main window to display – it’s just the window “frame” and the message “Scrivener (Not Responding)”

Anything I can do to get this working again?