Scrivener, Wordpress & Mindmaps - a perfect union - "almost"

I thought I’d share how Scrivener, leveraging both Wordpress and mindmaps (Freemind and Brain), is “ALMOST” a very dynamic authoring platform, effectively stimulating both sides of your brain during the writing process.

Rather than a lot of words, I’ve attached screen captures with comments (they’re large so you may want to open them in a new tab).
Please note, I stated “almost” because ONE key piece of functionality remains absent (and it doesn’t have to)

  1. A fully functional inline browser object has not been implemented (Chrome, Firefox preferred)
    1a) Unable to access some website admin functions (e.g. “edit” Wordpress posts, etc)
    1b) Unable to display Adobe Flash objects (including embedded e.g. iframe)
    1c) Unable to display JScript Applets (including embedded e.g. iframe)

Yes, there are workarounds but how I love perfection :wink:
Note: I’m using Scrivener Beta 1.1.0 so perhaps some of the features absent work with the Mac version.

P.S. I attached a second visual showing how another Windows app (Mindjet MindManager) does implement a fully functional IE inline browser effectively accomplishing what Scrivener does not (Flash works and although not shown, you can edit posts, etc. within the inline browser).

P.S.S. The entire environment represented in the visual is being run from a 16G SD card for a truly portable experience. Go to your public library, connect to a USB port and you’re ready to go!

Links to referenced software:
Scrivener -
FreeMInd -
Personal Brian -
Mindjet Mindmanager -
Wordpress (download) -

All comments welcome.