Scrivener/WriteWay converter

My mother is a professional fiction author. Her current PC (which she uses WriteWay with) is on its last legs, so I’m trying to convince her to get a Mac and use Scrivener instead. However, her laptop still has a year or two of life ahead of it, so if she were to do this, I would need a way to easily convert between Scrivener and WriteWay.

The formats appear to be easy to reconcile–WriteWay uses an XML file with RTF data embedded with it, while Scrivener uses a folder with an XML plist and RTF files. However, I’m having quite a hard time picking apart Scrivener’s plist. Is there a document or something that explains its structure? (For that matter, is there a ready-made tool for what I’m trying to do?) If I understood the format, I get the impression I could write converters in about fifty lines of Perl.

(Also, has KB tried compiling Scrivener against GNUstep? There’s a chance that’ll give him multi-platform support practically for free.)

The main binder.scrivproj file - which contains all of the information about the structure of the project - is a binary archive of an Objective-C class designed especially for Scrivener, so it would be next to impossible to create a Scrivener project in the way you are trying. Can WriteWay not export as a folder structure? If it could do that, you could just drag it into a new Scrivener project.

GNUStep is - unfortunately - a looooong way behind Cocoa. The PDFViews, QuickTime kit and WebKit that Scrivener uses, for instance, are not available in GNU. Nor are many of the most recent Cocoa methods that Scrivener relies on.

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Hmm. Well, I can keep staring at it if I need to figure it out, I suppose. (It’s a shame Scrivener’s not scriptable, though.)

No; WriteWay can only export to a single big RTF, but I could probably write a bit of Perl to convert a WriteWay book into a set of nested folders. Time to install XML::DOM, I suppose.

If I did that, would there be a way to make Scrivener pick up the notes and automatically associate them with the appropriate chapters and scenes? I know that Scrivener can export metadata; is it just a matter of putting them in _notes files before importing?