Scrivener, You didn't

Scrivener, you sold me a word processor where I can’t compile a file to make it triple or double spaces or no spaces. Boooooooooooooo, Shame on me for buying this second rate writers trap

Scrivener, you sold me a word processor that when I try to print from " Print Preview", I can’t even put numbers on the page. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Shame on me for buying this second rate writers trap

Scrivener, on the impossible chance I’m wrong, give a brother a break(un dune to the devil) :laughing: and show me the way!!!

Have you looked at the interactive tutorial project, on the Help menu?

Print Preview, from the main editor, won’t add page numbers because the main editor doesn’t know where they should go. That’s strictly a Compile decision.


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Scrivener is NOT a wordprocessor. The very first concept you need to understand is that Scrivener is a writers tool, not a word processor. It helps you research and organize and take notes and write whatever you want. What it looks like while you write, may be nothing like how you want it to look when you produce what you are producing. What you produce might include less than half of what you write and the research you collect. The fonts you choose, background, etc. will be to help you write. What you produce for Word, or for EPUB, or PDF, or webpages or paperback or hardback or whatever is entirely different.

The 2nd thing that Scrivener does is allows you to compile what you have written, choose styles and formatting, page numbering (if any), notes, whether keywords or synopsis are included, how it will look, what will be included, whether it breaks into section with new pages etc. for whatever format you want your stuff produced. This is a completely separate process.

You may compile with double spaced courier for a publisher to read, but have completely different formatting for a e-book, which might be different than your formatting for a physical book. None of this is necessarily how you want it to look when you write.

Learning scrivener is hard. You have so many tools - composition mode, quick reference, corkboards, binders, synopsis, keywords, notes, and more that are not available in a word processor. Then you’ve got to learn how to compile into something for someone else. Expect to spend a few hours just to begin to get your feet wet. It takes time and effort. You need to go through at least 1/3rd of the interactive tutorial. You’ll need to go back to it and also check the manual for awhile.

If you do much writing however, of any kind, this effort will pay off. It will also take awhile to figure out how the blasted compiler works. Again the effort is rewarded.

If you wanted a wysiwyg word processor you chose the wrong product. Scrivener is a very deep product that can be used in a lot of different ways and has all sorts of nuances and tools that make it a great writers tool.

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Thanks Steve, I see you’re point. I guess I’ll go add a message in “bugs”. Seems to me, being able to compile with no spaces, single space, double space, ect would be a totally rational thing along with while in “Print Preview” having the option to have numbers put on the pages. :slight_smile:

That’s all available in the compiler. Just spend an hour figuring out how to work the compiler, and setup your document. Then save the configuration. After that, you’ll just select your configuration from a menu, click on the pages you want to compile, and Bingo. You’ve got it. I do a newsletter and compile a pdf with synopsis, keywords, article number etc. each month showing just the articles for that month, exactly how I like in about 15 seconds. The fonts etc. are how I want them for this internal pdf. Nothing like what gets exported for other purposes.

Remember, if you are writing for web pages, or epub there are not page numbers at all. Compiling for 8.5x11 paper (some people still use that I understand), is going to page number different from compiling for a paperback, or ebook, or webpage.

Again, just setup the compiler with the style you want, and it’ll print what you want how you want it to.