Scrivener Zotero and Libre Office - Problem with Footnotes

Dear all,

I have synchronised Scirvener, Zotero and Libre Office. Now I have the problem that in my output LibreOffice files the footnotes are in some documents output as endnotes. In some files it works that I select via the zero plug in “set document preferences” and then “Footnote” and the citation-style and the document can be converted and outputs footnotes, but in others it still gives me endnotes. I have no idea why it does this. Can anyone help me? I tried compiling the document again, I tried to delete the formatting and to restart everything a few times, but it still won’t work.

Thanks a lot

In Scrivener, are these all inline footnotes, all inspector footnotes, or a mix?

In the General Settings (gear) tab of Scrivener’s main Compile screen, is the option to output notes as endnotes checked?

If you Compile to another format, such as PDF or Word, do you get the same result?