Scrivener's icon praise

To all, but specially to Amber and Keith: :slight_smile:

I was recently interviewed by MarmeladeMoon (a creative digital website) about my desktop workflow and I mentioned Scrivener and its icon. Just thought you might enjoy reading that little part (scroll 2/3 of the interview, you’ll see Scrivener’s icon): Interview

Enjoyed reading ALL of the interview Maria. Makes me feel less compulsive to read how others also need a ‘clean’ workspace in order to get anything done. Some very nice icons in there :smiley:

I’m glad you did. :smiley: It was fun to do it.

The process I use started from others that I read about in several places. I must say that now that I’m used to such a clean computer environment (been using this workflow for about a year) I really cannot go the other way. I’m a control freak on my computer and not at all in my office. :laughing:

Besides, I love to “hunt” good icons and wallpapers.

Thanks! I like your desktop aesthetic—especially the mixture of Star Trek with a freshly mown lawn.

Great, thanks! I’m going to point anyone who doesn’t like the icon in the direction of this link from now on… :slight_smile: