Scrivener's Responses to actions in an outline or the Binder.

:arrow_right: If I start a new document in an outlined right-hand editor from a secondary template via
Menu > Project > New from Template,
the focus jumps to the Binder.
This is not my preferred response—I’d rather have the focus stay in that right-hand editor’s outline.

:arrow_right: I may have hinted at this before, but it happens to me often enough to be a regular ‘thing’: Actually opening a document to read/edit it in the outlined editor in which it is listed, then back history-ing to the outline from the document—(keyboard) focus is lost, requiring three Ctrl + Tabs to get the outline’s attention. Similarly, going forward, eg, back to the document from a historical outline.

:arrow_right: I drag an item ‘from’ the Binder to a Collection. The drop into the Collection changes the display to hide the Binder, opens the Collection.
My preference would be to leave the Collection tab visible (I have ~ 22 collections so most are not visible, up or down),
but also the Binder, perhaps now with the focus on the actual item in it.